We are a family business who love using the joy of ice cream for the joy of freedom

We only use natural delicious ingredients in our ice creams and sorbets

Only Fair trade vanilla, chocolate and sugar is good enough for us

We bank with Reliance bank, and are working for a carbon neutral footprint to ensure we are trading as ethically and fairly as possible

We have a whole lot of fun!

We love to chat, and always want you to tell us what you love and what we could do better.

We believe that no one should be forced into slavery. We intend to be a voice for those that have no voice.



Our story….

It all started when…..

...we were serving our homemade ice-cream in our kitchen, as we do a lot, and Gav said, "If I ever had a shop, it would be an ice cream shop and it would somehow help the fight against trafficking. You know, for social justice." As the children guzzled the ice cream, Sally immediately responded, “oooooh, we could call it Just-Ice!" Our hearts skipped a beat and the dream was born.

We'd been making ice cream since 1999 when some great friends bought us an ice cream maker. Good move. Then in 2007 Sal heard a guy talk about women and girls being trafficked and treated in the most sickening and degrading ways. We were never the same again. This guy was Ben Cooley who went on to found the charity Hope For Justice the following year. Gav has also long followed the horrors of children being weaponised and used in conflict, so the perfect storm of factors gave birth to our amazing dream of Just-Ice.

So, the obvious solution to crimes such as human trafficking and child soldiers is, of course,……….ice-cream!!! We hope you love what we do, and we hope you tell your friends and come back for more, knowing your joy buys the freedom and future of people who until now have been robbed of theirs.




Gav Murray
Director & Head Joy-Maker

Gav started making ice cream back in 1999 after two friends bought him a homemade ice cream maker and a recipe book. "When I was a kid I remember my Dad used to make his own ice cream every Christmas. He had to get up in the night to stir it so it wouldn't get ice crystals in. You just can't beat home made ice cream, and I've been hooked ever since. So glad I don't have to get up in the night anymore though!"

Sally Murray
Director, Wise Owl & Head of Training

All round genius, best questioner in the world, and totally committed to ending human trafficking. Sally oversees all the training of our staff, including the back up, support and life coaching for survivors.

Everything Else

We have dozens of amazing friends who are working hard behind the scenes contributing to getting this off the ground.  Thanks guys, you're amazing and we wouldn't be doing this without you!