Behind our great ice cream (did we mention that we love making and eating ice cream?) is a vision to help those who've suffered the gravest of injustices through being trapped in human trafficking or caught up in warfare as a child. These two crimes against humanity may seem beyond our ability to stop, but at Just-Ice we believe that these things can be eradicated in our time, and that by pulling together we can achieve this. 


St Werburgh's Derby

As a social Enterprise whose goal is to provide employment for those who have suffered injustice, we need a team of volunteers to keep things running at low cost. We are delighted to have such a fantastic bunch of volunteers from the "Werbs" Community who add great value and make working their such fun with their selfless commitment. Volunteers, we salute you, and couldn't do what we do without you.

A further important quality of rehabilitating post-slavery is healthy supportive community and thats what were trying to build at Just-Ice. This helps reduce the risk of being re-trafficked, so thank you St Werburgh's for helping build this, to the Market Hall and the people of Derby for creating a great welcome. 



Upbeat Communities

As well as providing employment for survivors of modern day slavery we also aim to create opportunities for refugees to volunteer at your shop too, through the incredible Derby charity, Upbeat Communities. It can be so hard waiting around for the legal aspects to be sorted, and so meaningful use of time and a purpose can really help. If given permission to remain, we can then supply a reference to any future employers and so help people rebuild and set roots down in this great city.


As a social enterprise we want to support other social enterprises, and so most things in our shop have a backstory. Here are some of the great businesses doing their bit to make the world a better place...

Manumit Coffee

Absolutely gorgeous coffee, roasted by survivors of trafficking too. We love these people and are proud to stock their coffee and promote them. You can order direct for your home or place of work too. Go on, you'll love it.



Provide opportunities for refugees by teaching them to make tea. This is delicious tea, hand made in fully compostable bags. At present we stock English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint. You too can order direct for your home or business.



This great company supplied our beautiful bar stools and benches made from fair-trade Indian Mango wood. Great range of products for home and for gifts.


Cotton Roots

In our commitment to be as ethical as possible and fair-trade wherever we can, our uniform (T-shirts, fleeces and aprons) comes from these guys who guarantee the cotton has been ethically farmed and produced. 


Upcycled Environment

Trading under Pebble & Leaf on Etsy, their social enterprise arm is called Upcycled Environment and provided the beautiful frames for our menus and signage.